Monday, December 28, 2009

Upcoming Day with Wezblob

Meeting up with my food buddy from Melb tomorrow :) (its past 12 so considered tomorrow)
Planning to go Mongkok since there's tonnes of food and shopping :) and tourists....and beggars....
So hopefully it'll go to plan and we'll get to eat all the things we want to. Planning to cross off as many things on my "things to eat in hk" list as possible.
-Ice cream glutinous ball thingo
-Little ball waffle thingo 鸡蛋仔
-Mango Pancake
-Whatever else we come across
Sound like we'll be eating a lot more dessert than lunch as planned.
Also have to go find that Mahjong rubiks cube I saw a week ago and actually BUY it this time. Have to try and hide my accent at Mongkok, otherwise if they know you're a foreigner they'll rip you off BIG TIME

And the post about my China trip last's coming along. Crazy amount of food to blog about =.="
Going on another food tour at the end of this week =S

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