Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 1

Woke up at 7 something HK time. (HK time is 3 hours behind Melb time)
Lazily got up and ready and finally out the door at 9.
Wasn't feeling on top of the world so I requested to eat congee for breakfast.
My food enthusiast uncle (he knows sooo much about food it's amazing) took us to a Honkie cafe (茶餐厅) nearby (my uncle has pretty much tried most of the places in the area we're living in). I was amazed as I could read about 90% of the menu, so I guess my 13 years of Chinese School paid off :D

I ordered a 皮蛋鱼片粥 congee with fish slices and thousand year old egg (i used to hate thousand year egg but now I can accept it, its definitely an acquired taste.) It was only HK$18 (divide it by about 7 to get to AUD) so its around AUD$2.50. Amazing value. If you wanted to get something similar in Melb it would cost you at least AUD$8.
It was pretty good, lots of thousand year old egg and a fair amount of fish. 7/10

The second pic is my bros one. He rated it 5/10 because the pigs blood was really sticky.

Then we went off to Sham Shui Po 深水埗. And whilst we were walking around this shopping centre we saw ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI TRAIN!!! for HK$43.9 or AUD$6.50. It costs AUD$6 for a small box of sushi in Melb. 
It was awesome. All you can drink green tea, they give u a tea bag and theres a hot water tap to share between two. You get to watch the guy make the sushi and we were lucky enough to sit right in front of the "chef" guy so we got the freshest sushi out of everyone.

Numbered from left to right, top to bottom 1-15
1. Tobiko-Tobiko is awesome, I love how it bursts in your mouth.
2.Prawn-The prawn was a tad flavourless but you can't expect too much as it was so cheap.
3. Octopus?-Can't remember what it tasted like but I think it was a tad plain.
4. Smoked pork/bacon-Weird combination with rice but the meat had a strong smoked flavour.
5.Tobiko inside out sushi-Tasted like all the other inside out sushi.
6. Unagi like fish-Not exactly sure whether it was unagi as it didn't taste like it but it was coated in a sweet sauce. Good combination with rice.
7. Jellyfish in a yellow sauce-Looked like curry but wasn't curry, it was spicy and sweet. An interesting but nice combination.
8. Seaweed salad-The seaweed was warm but it was nice.
9. Squid-The one I found the hardest to swallow. It was slimy, fishy and just unpleasant.
10. Corn with mayo-Quite liked this one as the sweetness from the corn and the rice went well together. But I've never heard of corn with sushi
11.Conch- A little chewy but not too bad. Don't get to eat conch very often in Aust.
12. Octupus in sauce- The sauce was sweet and many chunks of octopus. Quite nice, bro loved it.
13. No clue, yellow fish roe fillet-I didn't try it as it looked very interesting and unappealing to me. Bro tried it and said it was like tobiko but not as good.
14. SALMON-The best out of all the ones I tried. The salmon was oily and tasted nice. 
15. Porkfloss-Didn't particularly like this one as the pork floss fell out and went all over my face. Combination of dry porkfloss and wet rice in your mouth is sooo weird.

In general the rice was sometimes room temperature and sometimes warm, I'm pretty sure sushi rice is supposed to be cold. The sushi rice didn't contain enough vinegar, salt or sugar and was not packed enough as it was done be a machine. 

Value was amazing, the restaurant was packed with people. 9/10
Taste 6/10
Service 7/10
My rating overall 7/10 thanks to the price
Would i recommend it? Yes but you probably won't go back again as there is way better sushi out there. 

Bout to go out for dinner now :)

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  1. Is this the shopping centre with the rollercoaster at the top?? Because I went to one which I'm pretty sure was the same price....=D and it was in sham shui po too!

    From what I remember though, the sushi was pretty ordinary, the rice was sometimes a bit too big compared to the topping- but then again, for $6.50 AUD I'm not complaining =P We didn't sit in front of the chef but the second time we weren, we found out that we could order sushi as well, so the sushi wasn't too bad and there was a pretty big variety.

    I now wish my parents had sent me to chinese school =P I don't have the motivation to learn it by myself now, but sometimes I just wish I could read a certain recipe or something....haha