Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Egg tarts

Egg tarts are a MUST EAT in HK. Flaky pastry with a golden custard, absolutely heavenly. Nowadays there are many variation of the egg tart, went to an expo thingo and they were selling egg tarts, quite expensive for honkie prices but there were many out there flavours: durian, milk tea, coffee and I think there were a few others. I had a portugese tart straight out of the oven, super duper hot custard is not fun.

The tart was a tad too hot for me to actually taste it but it was very sweet. The custard was nice and set, sometimes you can get jibbed and get runny custard cos the maker was tight and didn't use enough eggs.
But all in all, not a bad tart, better ones in Macau.

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