Sunday, December 13, 2009


Just got back from Taiwan yesterday. Can't exactly say that it's my favourite place.
Taiwan in one word: Scooterland
Day 1-Kaohsiung
All we did was go visit temples and stuff. Nothing special or particularly interesting. Saw this little statue at 佛光山. It was sooo cute. 

The food was pretty average as they took us to really random places, sorry no pictures because there was no time. Everyone was starving and dug in the second the food hit the table.
Taiwan is famous for their snacks and night markets.

We went to 六合夜市, didn't buy much as a lot of the snacks sold there didn't look very clean. We had takoyaki (in taiwan?), it wasn't very good but at NT$40 (AUD$1.30) for 6 it was insanely cheap. Also tried a Honey Bitter Melon Juice, it was definitely not pleasant. Felt like I was drinking grass. Parents bought pork knuckle that was a speciality in the area, I took one bite and refused to eat the rest. Last thing we bought from the night market was cherry tomatoes stuffed with a slice of date(something like that) and it tasted awesome.
Day 2-Taichung
Day 2 consisted of more temples but also an awesome afternoon at a theme park. Opposite the theme park is a really nice building and garden. I wonder if anyone recognises it.
Another night market that night where I tried this really cool ice cream. It was green tea icecream but have a look at it. Came out like a soft serve machine. NT$25 or just under AUD$1.  Also drank another Taiwanese speciality, Paw Paw Smoothie kinda thing. Its like paw paw and milk blended together, tasted sooooo nice. Last thing we bought was a very weird sausage thing. It was a sausage of glutinous rice cut down the middle with a taiwanese sausage in it. I didn't particularly like it.

Day 3-5 Taipei
Food wise there wasn't really anything special in Taipei. Visited many places, temples, military performances. Ate this sesame chicken noodle soup at one of the night markets in Taiwan. It smelt just like sesame flavoured nissin instant noodles. Followed by a bowl of Bak Kut Teh (in taiwan???) not that good though. All this was washed down by a massive cup of Bubble Milk Tea with Pearls :)

Final day lunch was the long awaited Taiwanese Beef Noodles. With only 10 mins to finish an entire bowl I didn't get to actually enjoy my noodles but they tasted soooo good. Great end to my Taiwan trip.

This was a really shortened version of my trip, I'm sure I've bored you enough already.
So how is everyone else's holidays going?

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  1. Omg Brenda, it looks like a green tentacle thing :O
    They're going ok, everyone's freaking about results though D: