Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Afternoon of Shopping

Today after lunch we decided to go shopping at New Century Plaza in Shatin. Walked the entire shopping centre only to buy some MUJI pens. Love muji pens, sooooo awesome.
As it got late we decided to have a quick dinner at a random restaurant we walked by, why that restaurant? HK$78 (AUD$11) Peking Duck. That's 12 pieces of Peking Duck. So we ordered a 4 person banquet and a Peking Duck....for 7 people. But we weren't particularly hungry so everyone was full.

The banquet consisted of many dishes which you choose. Drunken chicken, fish, lamb, xiaolongbao(shanghainese dumplings), dumplings, pig stomach, shanghainese noodles, hot and sour soup.
The food was pretty good, not outstanding but still decent.
I love hot and sour soup. I have an obsession with sour food and chillies. Absolutely heavenly :)
Anyone else like sour food or spicy food?

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