Thursday, December 24, 2009

Michelin One Star Restaurant-Tim Ho Wun? Mongkok

Sounds fancy right? It's this tiny place that serves dim sum XD but they serve very good food at a very cheap price. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling the best thanks to the stupid bowl of noodles I had for lunch.
Just a warning, you have to wait at least an hour or two to get seats at this restaurant, but the food is so worth it.
We got a ticket (like a booking thing), decided to go for a walk, ended up at a travel agency which had a massive line cos it's Christmas and everyone goes on holidays, signed up for a tour for next month, walked all the way back to the restaurant 10-15 minutes away in the Mongkok night crowd (those who have been to Mongkok at night know what I'm talking about) and after all that we still had to wait 15 mins before it was our turn to get a table.
I didn't take a picture of everything we ate, just majority.
Chiu Chow Dumpling? Supposedly the hardest dim sum to master according to Masterchef i think...One of the best ones I've had, the pastry was soo thin and delicate, inside was really crunchy from peanuts and some vegetable which I have no idea what its English name is.

I didn't try the beef meatballs but I tried the Shao Mai. Although they were pretty small they where delicious. I don't know how to say it but I guess you could say it was springy? Lots of prawn meat (very rare in shao mai nowadays) and just tasted right.
I have no clue what this is called English but its some sort of jelly with this flower and Goji berries. My mum makes it aswell but it doesn't taste as good as what you can buy XD Tasted pretty average, nothing very special about it.
This is what the place is famous for. Can you tell what it is? Some bun? Char Siu Bao :) Shortcrust Pastry. IT WAS HEAVENLYYYYYYY. Even my upset stomach was going YUUUMMMMYYY.
Pretty much it was this sweet crunchy outside with a softish inside of the pastry? And a yummy savoury roast pork filling. TO DIE FOR. The mix of savoury and sweet, crunchy and soft, dry and wet was absolutely perfect.

Vedict? If you like your Char Siu Bao (A bell XD) must try. If you have the chance to, go to this place.
Service: Alright, extremely busy restaurant. Steamed food is very quick to reach the table, also you order your food whilst you wait for a table.
Value: Pretty cheap, all dim sum is around $10-15 (AUD$1.50-2ish) for a steamer of 3 or 4 depending on what it is. The awesome Char Siu Bao is $12 (AUD$1.70) for 3, awesome value.
Taste: Definitely at the top, I guess that's why it's in the Michelin guide.
Yes that is a crowd of people waiting for a table. Something funny, the shop next door has a sign saying NO STANDING IN FRONT OF OUR SHOP WHEN YOU ARE WAITING FOR A TABLE NEXT DOOR (cept in chinese). Actually watched the shopkeeper tell some lady off for standing in front of the shop.

I'll post the address soon.


  1. Hi BL, we just went here yesterday and loved it too :). Hey, you should check out my blog as we eat out in Honky a lot!
    Cheers, Madelin

  2. Glad you enjoyed it too, it's a very good place despite the size. The food there is just incomparable to what you can get in Melb.
    I will definitely check out your blog. Thanks for visiting mine.