Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wonton Noodles-华姐清汤腩, Electric Road, Causeway Bay i think?

After spending 5 hours walking around an expo I was very tired and extremely bored. Parents decided to have dinner before heading home with 5 massive bags of things they had bought. We found a small noodle shop and decided to have a quick dinner. As I was walking through the door I saw many pictures of food celebrities who had eaten there.
1. Parents ordered their speciality dish, Beef Brisket with Rice Noodles in a Clear Soup (yes I made that name up, they don't have an English menu). Parents loved it, I guess it must have been like what they ate when they were kids.

2. Dougs noodles, I've forgotten what he ordered. But essentially its wonton noodles in a chilli soup. He said it was pretty good.

3. My wonton noodle soup. I had vegetable wontons which were pretty good. However my noodles seemed to be everlasting and I couldn't finish my noodles as I was half full before dinner thanks to being greedy and eating all the free tasting thingos at the expo. Ate too many instant noodle trials...but it was FREE XD.

That's the shop. If you go to HK you MUST go and have wonton noodles or something similar from a horrible looking noodle shop cos that's where they serve the best food. Looks pretty dirty and only for locals. Make sure you can read Chinese(or able to say what you want) as most places like this don't have an English menu and the waiter speaks limited English. But I'm sure a bit of pointing and English will be good enough to get what you want.

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