Friday, December 18, 2009

Breakfast on the run (first breakfast in a while)-Snack Shop opposite Tai Wai Railway Station

Had to grab breakfast on the way to the bus stop today due to the lack of food at home. Opened the fridge in the morning and saw a couple of slices of plastic cheese (kraft singles), I was going to eat them but my brother reminded me that my uncle leaves a lot of food in his fridge for years.
Walked outside and it was FREEZING, suddenly became cold overnight in HK. Decided to get a few skewers of hot food for breakfast and to warm ourselves up. The long awaited/craved CURRY FISHBALLS and SHAO MAI. Yes on a skewer, a honkie snack.

<-- Yes that's my bro posing for a photo with his Shao Mai. What is shao mai? It pork mince that SHOULD be hand minced with a cleaver or two then wrapped in a wonton wrapper, steamed and SOMETIMES (rarely nowadays) grilled. However the Shao Mai you find at snack stores in HK don't contain much pork, they mix A LOT of flour into the pork mixture. But you can't ask for a full pork Shao Mai for HK$5 (AUD$0.70) a skewer of 5.

<--Guess who. Very hard to see the curry fishballs but it's just 6 small fishballs on a skewer with some curry gravy over them. They cook the fishballs in this curry gravy for forever until someone buys it. Also a lot of flour mixed into the fish balls but still nice to eat. HK$5 for 6 fishballs.

This is another must eat in HK, street snack stores. Especially good in the winter.

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