Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cameraless Day-KFC and Italian

Yesterday I when I was going down the lift to go out I realised I had forgotten my camera. So I couldn't take a pic all day.
Lunch: KFC. Another thing to tick off my list. But I'm not sure why but the KFC I went to SUCKED. The coating on the chicken was extremely thick and wasn't crunchy. Only good thing was the chicken wasn't dry. And if Konman is reading this, I had MUSHROOM RICE XD but don't worry, it sucked. Their popcorn chicken called hot shots were super duper salty for some reason. This has turned into a KFC bagging session XD but honestly KFC has been going downhill in Aus and in HK.
Dinner: Can't believe I had two crap meals in a day. But for dinner I went to this tiny Italian restaurant. I have nothing against Italian food, I love Italian food. I just have something against Italian food in HK. You either pay an outrageous price for actual Italian food or you buy a cheap horrible attempt at Italian food. Had option 2 yesterday. Paid $48 (AUD$7) for a small plate of seafood pasta which lacked seafood and had too many mushrooms.

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