Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Roast Pigeon

For lunch today we met up with some family friends and went to a back alley restaurant in Shatin. Supposedly they have really good roasted pigeon. We ordered a total of four pigeons for seven people and three other side dishes.

The pigeons were a bit oily but that's expected from roasted (fried?) pigeons. The meat tasted very gamey with a nice pigeon flavour. Usually roasted pigeon is served with a small plate of peppered salt but the peppered salt they gave us lacked a bit of pepper. But this is way better than  what we get in Australia, roasted pigeon is a luxury in Melb.
This is definitely a must try, but maybe not at this restaurant, I'm sure there are better roasted pigeons in HK.

Main Dish: Claypot of battered fish, roasted pork, shiitake mushroom, tofu and vegies. It was pretty good, all ingredients were plentiful, presentation was good, taste was pretty average. Nothing special about it.

Main Dish: Tofu stuffed with mince pork
I'm not a fan of tofu but this dish was acceptable. The sauce made the tofu more pleasant and the mince pork gave the tofu extra flavour.
Also a very average dish.

Main Dish: Mushrooms on a bed of Bok Choy sprinkled with fish roe
Sounds fancy yeah? But really it wasn't that special. The fish roe looked like dust and the flavour wasn't very strong. The vegies were nice and crunchy.

Taste: 7/10 nothing special, all dishes are available at chinese restaurants.
Value: No idea, I didn't order or pay :P
Service: 5/10
Would I recommend it? Not this place, it's in the middle of nowhere (extremely hard to find), a long walk down a back alley. All the dishes were average and easily found at any Chinese restaurant. However I think everyone should try roasted pigeon at some time in their life.

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