Monday, December 28, 2009

Noodles-Dai Pai Dong 大排挡

For brunch yesterday we went to a dai pai dong, what's that? A street stall, the hygiene might be a bit below standard but that's where you normally find the most authentic food.
Another first for me. Fish Dumpling Noodle Soup with FRIED FISH SKIN. Doesn't sound that special but it is. The dumpling skin is made from fish meat and flour and inside the dumpling is pork meat (in this case pork meat and a crap load of MSG). Dip some crunchy fried fish skin into the soup, soooooo good. The fish skin isn't fishy, it's kinda like fish flavoured potato chips....kinda...

Apart from the msg, it was pretty decent. Filled me up to last me till dinner and a 3 hour bike ride.
So after lunch we hired 2 bikes from a nearby bike shop and grabbed my uncle's electric bike and went for a bike ride. Never thought bike riding in HK would be so nice. Riding alongside the river, lots to see, pretty flat bike path. Only one downside, we went during school holidays and a Saturday, sooo many people riding it was CRAZY. First time riding an electric bike, it's a semi foldable bike with tiny wheels, like the type of wheels you would find on a 4 yr old's bike. And there's a button you press when you want it to be electric and it just goes. Pretty cool. Also had a mango drumstick along the way, very refreshing after an hour or two of riding,
That night we went to my mum's cousins place for dinner and had dinner with a few of my mum's cousins and their families. Hot pot :) Sooo much seafood since my mum's cousins husband runs the fish shop at the market. Tried lots of new things, like the floating part/device thingo fishies have. Mum's side of the family loves fish/seafood because they're fishmongers. Dad's side love their cars/tranport and electronic stuff. I see where my passionate food and my petrolhead sides of me come from.

So what are your hobbies/passions?

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