Saturday, June 5, 2010


Argh, haven't really had the time to cook lately. 2 mid year exams in 5 days. I've been pretty busy trying to demolish this stack of practice exams
So far I've done

The stack on the right. Still have the entire left stack to go.
Haha, extremely messy desk. This is what happens when I don't want to practice viola anymore. XD

Jay Chou decided to fall on me this morning, hehe, in poster form of course.


  1. haha your jay chou comment made me lol!
    also, duuude dedicated man! before my exams i did like 2 exam papers and winged it!

  2. Good luck! I still have my huge stack of exam papers. :P

  3. BENDY HAHA AT THE LAST LINE. Remember how I had Prince on my ceiling for a while... used to fall on me all the time. XD

    And yeah, exam pack was more than 10 exams, zz. Stress less, I have faith in you~

    Working tonite I think. : ( but keep showing the noobs how it's done!

    TALK SOON (MSN tonite?)


    ...ohai Vincent

  4. @diana: well i need to make up for the 2 terms of classes i slept through.
    @vincent: thanks :) y do u still need those exams, didn't u burn them at the end of year?
    @stretchy: omg, finally a photo :P awesome!!!!!
    i dun think i can do 10 exams for each of my subjects. thanks :)
    haha, still working weekends?