Monday, June 7, 2010

Exams in a day =S

First exam for the year tomorrow.
And no i'm not prepared. 9 practice exams later and I'm still getting really bad marks. 
I really should have revised regularly instead of NOT REVISING at all. 
Regrets regrets regrets.
As for chem, a little more confident in it as I know more of the coursework but I still manage to screw up calculations here and there. And do not know how to define majority of the terms.
11 exams done and I'm seeing slight improvement. But still no A =( 
Formal on Friday and I still don't have a dress, shoes, clutch, jewellery..... in short I'm screwed. 
This is going to be an interesting week.

I better start studying now.
Exam in under 17 hours


  1. wow your school formal is pretty early and good luck for your exams (Y)

  2. @grub: its pretty badly timed, straight after exams =.=" more stresssss. when's ur formal?
    @vincent: thanks :)

  3. after our finals i think. meh i don't think i'll be going anyways XD