Monday, June 14, 2010

Cooking: Pizza

Sorry for the lack of food posts lately. Mainly due to exams, school formal and being way too tired the day after.
Not going to blog about the food at school formal for 2 reasons. One I was feeling kinda sick and didn't each much of it and Two the food was plain shit. But you can't expect much if they're trying to make 400 servings of the same dish. Tasted a bit like airplane food, and that stuff makes me hurl.

Finally got round to doing some cooking yesterday. Made pizzas for dinner. Original plan was to buy pizzas from pizza hut but why not make your own, tastes way way way better and you know what is actually in your pizza.

Basic Pizza Dough Recipe
It says make 3 but I stretched it out really thin to make 4 instead.

Made two types of pizzas, prawn and smoked salmon. Made one at a time, so we could eat it and improve it for the next pizza. I find it's a really good way to master and make the best pizza.

Second try of garlic prawn pizza. 
Ingredients: Handful of cooked prawns (cut into pieces), spanish onion, olives, cheese, tomato paste, anchovies, one large clove of garlic roughly chopped.
Doesn't sound like a lot of  topping but thats how I believe pizzas should be like. Just enough topping to cover so you can actually taste each topping by itself and appreciated. Unfortunately dad doesn't agree with my philosophy.

Smoked Salmon Pizza
Ingredients: Strips of smoked salmon. Spanish Onion. Capers. Cheese.
Yes that is all thats on that pizza. Cheese has to go on the bottom otherwise the salmon gets covered. Tried to make stuffed crust but it didn't turn out too good. Found the salmon overcooked and onion was soo cooked to give that fresh crunch.
Second try of smoked salmon pizza
Same ingredients however put the pizza in the oven with just tomato paste spread on bottom with a little cheese sprinkled on top. When the pizza was pretty much cooked I took it out put the salmon, onion and capers on, baked it for a few minutes and served it. A lot better, the salmon was still a little overcooked, I think 20secs in the oven is enough. The onions were just right. Sooo yummy but full.

When it comes to pizzas
Less is more!

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