Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eating Out: Ampang Tofu 13 Village Avenue, Doncaster East

Went out for lunch with the family. Couldn't choose where to go. I wanted to go to Straits Cafe but due to the legionnaires disease outbreak like 50m down the road parents refused to go there. Ended up at Ampang Tofu although I wanted to go to Malaya Inn cos we haven't been there for soooooo long meaning about 10 years.
Curry Laksa Chicken $9.00
Used fried tofu instead of tofu puffs. Nothing special about it. A bit of a let down. The broth wasn't spicy and fragrant enough but was quite coconutty. At least it wasn't bad.

Thai Fried Noodles $9.50
Mum ordered this one. Very strong lemongrass and sour flavour. The noodles have soaked up tom yum flavour. I suspect they add tom yum soup to the noodles when this is cooked to soften them and allow them to soak up extra flavour. Quite nice. Could have been spicier though. And I didn't really like the raw shredded lettuce on the top.
Hokkien Mee $9.50
Mum was about to order Stir Fried Beef Rice Noodles but I stopped her and asked whether we could have Hokkien mee instead. I like hokkien mee for it's sauce, so delicious. This was my favourite dish out of the three. However the sauce was quite runny and didn't stick onto the noodles as well as it could have. And there wasn't much seafood or vegies in with the noodles. Just nitpicking, not bad.

Food: 8/10 The food here isn't amazing but it's definitely not bad. It's good but don't expect exceptional food. Presentation could be improved. 
Service: 6/10 The person at the counter could have been a bit friendlier but I guess he is under a lot of stress. Tables were not cleaned for about 5 mins after being SEATED. Bowls had weird brown residue on them, probably from sauce not being cleaned off it properly *shudders*. They need a better dishwasher.
Environment: 7/10 This place is pretty cramped. The place is about the size of the place is a tad bigger than my room. And you can seat about 20-30 people in there I think. Not an ideal environment to dine in. However I do love their massive wallpaper of KL more specifically the Petrona Twin Towers, I would love one of HK in my room.

The verdict? Consistently good food. Although there may be better Malay food around, this is a place you can rely on. I would come back again if I really wanted to but with the choice of Malay restaurants around, this place probably wouldn't be first choice. It you want some decently authentic Malay food QUICK, come here. 

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