Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cooking: 3 course dinner for Mum

It was mum's birthday yesterday and I made her dinner on Sunday because we went out to eat yesterday, more on that later.

Started cooking at 10:30am and went all the way through till 8:30pm. With a break for lunch.
Smoked trout pate with homemade flat bread
I've been meaning to make this pate for a while now, found the recipe in the paper yonks ago and I finally had the opportunity to make it. It tasted very smokey but creamy at the same time. The spring onion gave a very nice subtle oniony flavour and the lemon cut the richness. I think it's a well balanced pate/dip. Hardest part of this dish was deboning the entire smoked trout. It was an absolute pain, the bones are so small =.="
Simple flatbread, very crispy so it went well with the pate.
Pan fried quail with gnocchi  and pumpkin
Matt Moran's signature dish. This dish took forever to make. Deboning the quail was a massive pain in the ass but I guess it was worth it, must a whole piece of meat without having to worry about bones. The gnocchi didn't turn out very well as I ran out of flour. Overall it was an alright dish. One word, interesting.
Chocolate Mousse
Relatively simple to make. Didn't use dark chocolate and used milk chocolate instead, as a result it turned out very sweet. Although the slight hint of coffee was nice and may have kept me up at night.

Took me about 6 hours to make just these 3 courses. But I enjoyed it, minus the stressful part when you realise dinner will be served an hour or two later than planned.

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