Friday, June 25, 2010

Random: Survey

If you grew up in the last decade where emails were the thing not letters, then I'm sure you've done a number of those email surveys. Not company ones but the random ones where you put in your favourite colour, drink and other utterly random facts. There is a certain joy to doing them and for the ones who read, it's nice to find out something you didn't know about the person. At least that's what I think is the purpose of these surveys.
Here's one my friend ngoc posted a week ago, I've decided to do mine as well. (btw, she's an amazing artist, especially with a tablet/computer drawing)
why are you not going out with the person you want to? Who said i wasn't?? when was the last time you cried? unfortunately i must say it was a few days ago why is your relationship status the way it is? cos that's the path we chose a year ago? how long is your hair? more than a third of the way down my back? closer to halfway i guess last thing you ate? sultanas who last sent you a text message? sammy last person you hugged? K仔 who do you dislike currently? whoever thought it would be a good idea to put a methods sac on the last period of term? are you wearing make-up? no, don't really wear make up often...almost never at all for that matter. your heart is racing, who are you standing next to? 心跳 of course leehom
something you hate more than anything? cockroaches tears are falling from your eyes, what’s the reason? physical pain or i'm sad. is tomorrow going to be a good day/night? first day of holidays!!! badminton and possibly southern fried chicken, sounds good too. are you in a good mood? Schools out, who's not in a good mood? would you rather get up early or sleep in? i'm a night owl, i sleep during the day, not wake up. are you wearing anything? pjs are you paranoid about something? yeah, i like my recipe collection neat. everything else...meh does it take a lot to make you cry? i can put up a decent fight but once i fall i fall down hard. wanting to tell someone something? not that i can think of what would you do with five million dollars? open a restaurant. travel and eat all over the world what do you think about toe socks? they don't really keep your feet that much warmer would you rather watch a romantic movie or a really gory one? romantic, gory movies aren't my thing if you had to live off one type of fruit, which would you pick? watermelon? what is your favorite curse word? fudge is yum do you have a favourite toilet paper brand too? not really how long does it take you to get ready? 30 mins with brekky would you change yourself to make someone like you? i think everyone in the world does that in some way or another are you the type people should take seriously, or should they think you’re joking most of the time? both? does it annoy you when people say their heart is “broken”? not really

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