Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eating Out: Nandos. Franchise all over Australia.

Went down to Doncaster Westfield again today. Shopping with the girls. Been craving Nandos for a little while now. Used to eat it quite regularly but now its about once every couple of months.

Why is it so good? One, the marinade is spicy and jammed pack with flavour. It has the nice charred flavour without the burnt flavour as well. Two, the chicken is soooooo moist and fatty, not dry and disgusting unless you get the breast but its not too bad.
One downside to nandos is the price. This piece cost me $5.90. Burnnnnnnnnnnnnn. And it didn't make me full but it did taste delicious and I was happy. Had to get a roll of sushi after to fill myself up. So lunch ended up costing $8.20. Not too bad I guess.

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