Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eating Out: Little India, Foodcourts at every shopping centre

Special post today. Done by K仔(the boy). Anything written in this font is by me(teenagefoodie).  Pretty much headed down to Doncaster Shoppingtown/Westfield after a very very depressing Specialist Maths sac/test. Food makes me happy again, hopefully it does for the boy as well.

"twas a cloudy day in melbourne when we decided to eat some fooood! mainly because we were hungray. and westfield being westfield had many choices of FOOOD to offer. so we set off around the drum (why they call it a drum??) in search of a meal to appease our hunger. walked past expensive!! and they were going 2 eat it anyways (might be eating it tomorrow).... and further down we walked.....the more outlandish the prices got -.- ("who pays 10dollars for a slice of pizza, chips and coke? i can make two pizzas for less than 10 dollars"(yes i said this, but come on it was $10) and thus we arrived at an indian resturant and decided to have INDIAN. because someone was quite peckish and desired some tandooooooooOOooori chicken(hehe i wonder who...=)
So ended up ordering a rice with two meats coz...lets face it, we don't exactly LOVE our vegies..... (vegies are nice, just that chickpea curry doesn't sound as nice as a meat curry)
Picked tandoori chicken and butter chicken....becoz...i mean...COMEON!! its CHICKEN!! (chicken is supposedly the healthier meat option yes?)

butter chicken was....very buttery and the sauce is the best part because you can add it to your rice and its SOOOOooooo buttery!! *droools* (i've learnt how to please this boy, give him some curry sauce and some rice or even better roti and he'll have a big smile on his face)
 tandoori chicken....does not taste like most tandoori chicken i've eaten. probably because being malaysian my mum jst chucks a LOT of spices which make it uber spicy. but this one wasn't. looked like CHAR SIu tho. very red =S maybe lacked a bit of flava, but thats my opinion.

Service: 6/10 its a food court.....though the guy did come buy and pick up our not bad
Atmosphere: 6.5/10 again...its a food court...but the view outside of shopping town wasn't too bad....except...couldn't see the city -.- too bad there was no awesum sun set
Food: 6.5/10 becoz...again=.=" sorry im repeatin myself, but its a food court. and i dont think tandoori chicken was too my liking, therefore the low score. though rice is really nice, apparently it's saffron rice. very buttery, but extremely DELICIOUS With the butter chicken sauce!!*DROOOOOOLS*

I love his writing style. Hope you enjoyed the post =)

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