Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Layout

Hope you like the new layout because I do.
Experimented with basting a fried egg with oil to make it crispy on the top. Almost caught my sleeve on fire due to the oil catching on fire. But I still like covering the pan do cook the yolk technique. I like the JUST set yolk so it doesn't run out and get everywhere but you still get that creamy soft texture....hard to describe.

Anyways Mum's birthday's in a weeks time and I plan to make dinner for her.
At the moment I'm thinking:
Entree: Crab and smoked trout pate with homemade bread? AND possibly mussels in vol-au-vents/mussels with a tonne of sauce to soak up with bread as well.
Main: Matt Moran's pan fried quail from masterchef OR duck breast of some sort. Bro complained quail won't fill him up.
Dessert: Crepe Suzette (also from masterchef but last season i think) AND/OR chocolate mousse

Cake? Thinking of durian cake of some sort but the lemon curd layer cake sounds nice as well, might change it into durian curd layer cake...hmmmmm.

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