Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oysters at Batemans Bay

So for Christmas I went to Batemans Bay in NSW with my family and family friends. There you must try their oysters from Clyde River. They aren't that big but do contain a lot of flavour. We went to the Oyster Bar to buy oysters despite them being on rocks everywhere around the town. The problem is you don't know how clean they are and it is a pain in the ass trying to get them off the rocks and opening super fresh ones like that is an even bigger pain in the ass. Their suction muscle thing is soooo strong they just refuse to open straight out of the water. So we bought some 40 small ones for $16 to make oyster omelette and 24 bigger ones for eating raw. Should I mention ALL UNOPENED cos it's so much cheaper. As a result I had to shuck about 40 before my shoulder was killing and required some help/muscle from the boys.
The 24 raw ones. Didn't take a picture of the omelette.
The oysters have a very rich and strong metal taste which lingers in your mouth. My mum loved the richness of the oyster whilst I didn't enjoy the metal taste. It really is up to personal preference.

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