Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eating Out: Dutchies Stonegrill [1 Vista Place, Cape Woolamai VIC 3925]

Cape Woolamai? Don't worry, it's just along the main road at Phillip Island. There are signs and everything so you won't miss it. And if you do you've probably been driving too long and need to take a rest. It's on the left if you're driving towards Cowes. It's my second time here but I can't remember what I ordered the first time I visited as it was a few years back, all I knew was it was a good experience and some decent food.
The food comes out very quickly as all they need to do is put some chips on one side, salad and bernaise/other sauce on the other, put the meat on and it's ready to go out.
All the parents ordered the same steak and the kids all ordered something different.
 Stonegrill Rib Eye $38.50
I ordered the rib eye and when I saw it I was delighted. I was hoping for a fatty steak and I got one. I was quite surprised at how large the steak was. I liked this better than my brothers rump. The quality of the meat was excellent, well flavoured and juicy. I did encounter one problem, as it was the thinner steak available I found I had to take the entire steak off the stone and onto my chips to prevent it from overcooking (by that I mean over medium). This not only saved my steak from destruction but also allowed it to rest and my chips to soak up some meaty juices. Ingenious. Although it doesn't look like a large steak it actually was, I needed help finishing it and I was starving when we arrived at the restaurant.
 Look at that delicious caramelisation/crust on my steak. A weeks worth of red meat in one meal.
 Prime of the Land-Rump Steak $34.50
Though smaller than the rib eye it was a little thicker. My brother was quite upset when he saw my steak come out, he thought he would get the biggest steak by ordering the rump. But he had to help me eat mine in the end. Although he was still quite satisfied with his.
 Lamb O'Rock $38
On the menu it says you get either a rack of lamb, lamb fillets or lamb cutlets depending on what is that day's selection. It was lamb fillets the day we went. Nice and lean. Four fillets which my friend was overjoyed to see and absolutely loved. I might choose this one next time I come.
Feathers and Feelers $27.50
Two marinated pieces of chicken and three prawns. My friend enjoyed this except there was one downside. She had to watch everyone eat and smell her delicious chicken sizzling as the chicken had to cook all the way through for health/hygiene reasons.
Eye fillet of Beef $40.50
All 6 of the parents ordered this. Each steak was very thick with no fat (parents dream, my nightmare). The menu description claims that you can cut through it with a butter knife, this we did not try but all the parents thoroughly enjoyed the tenderness and flavour.

I didn't get a picture of the mixed grill. Just imagine a bit of beef, pork, chicken and lamb all piled onto the stone grill. For $38.50 it was decent. However only an active male teenage could handle all that meat.

Food: 8.5/10 The meat is good quality. Cooked to how you like it.
Service/Environment: 8.5/10 Luckily that night there were only a few other tables so service was good. However water was filled up very inefficiently and it was a hot day. With the hot stones it was a bad combination which required lots of water which we did not get.
Value: 7/10 Not the cheapest meal but definitely a good experience.

Verdict? If I had the money I would come back and if I was in the area. I think everyone should at least try stonegrill once.

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  1. wow this place look yum and generous! Just in time as I'm goign philip island this week :D