Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eating Out: Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant [7 Help St Chatswood, 2067]

New Years Eve dinner. Nice restaurant, nice food, good way to send the year off. We had a banquet meal which came to almost $50 per person which I thought was a little overpriced but oh well. It was a nice environment. Don't remember the taste of every dish and I don't have any dish names as I didn't order therefore I shall make them up.
Peking Duck
Lots of skin, thin pancake. Soooo yummy.

 Steamed Fish
look at it's mouth o.o
 Duck meat from peking duck
would have been nice with some plum sauce as it was quite dry
 Bitter Melon Omelette
 Chinese Vegetables with Braised Mushroom
 Braised Tofu?
 Orange Spareribs
Don't remember the names of the two desserts
But parents were like WAHHH it's *insert dessert name here*
It's a good change from the usual fruit platter and sweet soup (I don't like sweet soup)
Whole peaches for fruit, one for each person =]

Food: 8/10 Typical Chinese Food
Service/Environment: 8.5/10 I really like environment, service wasn't bad either.
Value: 7/10 Not cheap considering quality. Oysters were on special for $4.50 each! What kind of special is that? In Melb oysters on special are $2 each. 

Verdict? Not that into chinese food, rather go to Mamak 100m up the road. 
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  1. I kinda miss Australia's Chinese food :D

  2. why? isn't chinese food way better in hk? not to mention cheaper as well.