Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eating Out: Innes Boatshed [1 Clyde Street, Batemans Bay 2536]

Whoops, accidently skipped this place, I thought I had too few posts on Batemans Bay. This was probably the best fish and chips I've had in a while. Minus the chips. There are a few secrets to why there is a massive queue at this place.
1. The fish is fresh and not frozen
2. They grab the fish fillets in front of your eyes and then batter them and fry them straightaway. Using fresh fish reduces cooking time and immediate battering ensures crunch.
3. They are super efficient, with one person who picks up the fish, a batter person/frying person, a seasoner/sorting+wrapping orders person. This ensure the line moves quickly and keeps customers happy. Without this system the line would probably be even longer.
You can probably tell just from the batter on the fish that it will be good. One piece of monkfish and the other fish has escaped my memory, I just remember it wasn't a common type of fish.The fish change according to availability. Both pieces of fish had nice firm flesh which was almost like chicken. Both were still juicy and retained flavour. And the batter? Best batter, crunchy and not too oily. The chips were pretty mediocre unfortunately. The calamari didn't have much flavour but lots of crunch. 

A piece of fish costs a bit more than average fish and chips fish but it is worth it. $8 a fillet I think.
Calamari were $3 for 4

How come 95% of fish and chips are dodgy?
It's soo hard to find a good one which does both fish and chips well.

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