Monday, January 31, 2011

Eating Out: Spice Island Cafe [Churchill Island off Phillip Island]

I can't find an address for this place probably because there is none. It is on Churchill Island and most of the people at the cafe are there to fill up before or chilling after walking around the island. Churchill Island is definitely a place to visit if you're going down to Phillip Island. A place for people of any age, including us nearing the end of teenage life teenagers. I went with some friends and we walked around like excited little kids patting and going nawwwwww over the farm animals. I guess it reminds us that although we are "adults" we can still be kids. However I do think that this place is more suited to young families and photographers.
Now back to the food at the cafe.
The menu is written on whiteboards hanging just over the counter. There is lots of choice so rest assured there is something for everyone. Seating is available both outside and inside but I do suggest outside if it is a nice day.
 Strawberry Milkshake $5
Milky, cold and refreshing. Strawberry flavouring by the way. Massive cup of it =]
 Chicken BLT $17
Also has avocado. Brother was majorly disappointed at the size of his burger. Though he said it was pretty good.
 Seafood Salad $23
Scallops, mussels, prawns with chilli herb dressing. If you're looking for a super light lunch then this would be for you. However do expect to pay the price of a heavy lunch. Everything was perfectly cooked. This was one of the "Today's Specials"
 Smoked Eel and Leek Croquettes with Harissa Mayo $15
Do notice that the croquette is similar size to the wedge of tomato. I looked at this and thought "THIS is my lunch?!?!". The croquettes were very crunchy, inside was a slightly creamy filling which consisted of I'm guessing quite a bit of roux with some leek mixed in and microscopic amounts of smoked eel. If smoked eel is going to be the first thing you write in the name of the dish, at least put a visible and tasteable amount in there. The harissa mayo was more orange mayo, definitely needed the chilli kick. Also due to the rich filling I felt that they should have givin a lemon wedge to cut though it all. Should have gone with the lamb cutlets.
Bread and Dips $12
The bread soft and crusty. Avocado, yoghurt and cucumber, hummus were the selection of dips. Nothing special though.

Food: 8/10 The food tasted good, fresh produce, not overcooked.
Service/Environment: 9/10 Food came out in a reasonable amount of time. Environment made lunch very enjoyable.
Value: 6/10 Definitely pricey considering quantity, quality doesn't make up for it either.

Verdict? If I am to visit again I will choose wisely. If you're hungry I suggest ordering the bread to share as well as you dish. However I don't see why I would be back, at least not until I have kids and bring them here, as for that, probably won't happen anytime in the near + little bit further than near future.

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