Monday, January 17, 2011

Eating Out: The Starfish Deli [Promenade Plaza Shop 1, Clyde St, Batemans Bay 2536]

From my observation this is probably the busiest restaurant in the entire town. No matter what time of day it is, the place is at least half filled and by lunch you have to wait to get a table. This restaurant ain't small either so we had to check out why this place was so busy. The answer......I'm not sure because quite honestly I probably wouldn't come back to this place. $20 woodfire pizza or $6 LARGE pizza from Eagleboys? Eagleboys thanks, more topping and better value for money as though the woodfire pizza tasted better but not enough for the taste.
We waited for about 30 mins to get a table for 12 for lunch. Their menu actually says the date on it so I guess it probably changes daily.
 Potato Wedges $9.2
Nothing special except that there was a lot of sour cream
 Tagliatelle $20.7
Yes the name is just Tagliatelle which I believe is the type of pasta, the sauce was pesto but it wasn't put into the name for some reason. Average tasting but pasta was cooked al dente. Not enough ingredients considering the price. 
 Indo Seafood $25.3 
Same problem once again, only a few pieces of seafood =[ However the mango worked quite well to add sweetness. On the menu it says this has a sambal dressing, I believe that the brown puddles are kechap manis or something similar. I saw they had many bottles of ABC Kechap manis in the kitchen. 
 Spaghetti Puttanesca $19.55
Why 55cents? Anyways this had a lot more ingredients than the Tagliatelle except the olives still had pips in them. Not impressed.
 Starfish Supremo $27.6 
Not too bad since there was more topping.
Tropical $18.4
I bet this cost under $4 to make. Although it was the first time I've seen entire slices of ham on a pizza, normally it's shredded.

I watched the pizza chefs make pizzas for 10-15 mins since we got the table right next to the pizza station. The pizza I saw made most was the Nutritious one. The oyster pizza seemed interesting. Might try it at home.

Food: 7/10 Pretty average pizza and pasta.
Service/Environment: 8.5/10 Clean, by the water and friendly staff. 
Value: 6/10 Pizzas are small and lack topping, also they are very thin based. The pasta serving is barely enough for one and extremely over priced.

Verdict? I don't get why this place is so busy. Much rather try other cafes in the town. 

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