Saturday, September 11, 2010

Update: TAKOYAKI machines in AUSTRALIA

A bit behind in blogging due to the crazy amount of school work being crammed in before the end of the term. Only 3 weeks of high school left 0.0
Yesterday I had a very very special experience and I must thank my friend Mat for everything. Owe him one big time now. Not supposed to talk about it so I'll just give you a hint, don't ask me anything though.

When I thought my day couldn't get any better, I came home to this
My brother has been looking far and wide for a takoyaki machine for my birthday. I saw pretty much the exact same one at ALDI a month or so back AND though to myself, "I wonder whether I could make takoyaki out of that" only to find out later when bro was looking them up online that it was actually a takoyaki machine except sold as a "Dutch Pancake Maker". AND IT WAS ONLY $15!!!!! So bro found out the company that makes the machines sells them at other places other than ALDI and he went looking at ALDI and BIGW stores trying to find one but there were none left. The company said they only import so many each year or something along the lines of that. So he went looking for dutch pancake makers in general and supposedly target had the ones he was looking for. He went to many stores (like every aldi, big w and target store in the city) and he finally found one!!! AT OUR LOCAL SHOPPING CENTRE!!! a minutes drive away from our place =.=" $30 at target.
So how do I know its a takoyaki machine?
Can you see the octopus down the bottom? Suggests that it has something to do with takoyaki. BUT the octopus is actually holding a TAKOYAKI therefore I conclude that it is a takoyaki machine =] Can't wait to try it out, except I'm super busy with work unfortunately.
I'm a tad takoyaki obsessed as seen here. Only eaten it a few times in my life, and none of them were in japan. First recall trying them at Samurai Burger at Box Hill, then in Taiwan in the night markets (cheapest I've had, like AUD$1.20 for 6, then in HK twice in a day, then at Yuki jap restaurant in Malvern on my birthday. Best being Gindaco in HK and Yuki here.


  1. I think I've had takoyaki like once but it wasn't that great...i don't even remember what it tastes like anymore! haha....

    I'll have to try again some time =D Congrats on finding a takoyaki machine!! I've seen these things in the shops a couple of times- I always wonder what Dutch pancakes are.....

    Can't wait to see your takoyaki =)

    dutch pancake MACHINE? O.O you can make poffertjes with it :O or takoyaki ^___^

  3. Could you please tell me where can i get one like that ??? I really want to buy one for my best friend... Many thankssssss.
    ps: I live in Melb as well :))

  4. Also interested to know where you found in Melbourne, I miss Osaka!!