Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Presents =]

I finally had my party over the weekend although my birthday was a month ago. Had a honkie bbq and it was pretty good, except it doesn't really work that well with over 20 people at once...Just want to thank everyone who came and made it an awesome night. Been loving the pressies. My first every actual cookbook =]
I have no idea how my friends manage to get it but I am very grateful and over the moon. I seriously can't put it down although I have exams coming up soon. I love how it shows that non conformity works. And that David Chang is human and what he does is achievable through a LOT of hard work and determination. I love his concepts though I don't believe eating a diet of confit stuff is a good idea (esp since if it's pork fat).
Friends also go me this!!!!! AWESOME. Best thing about it is you don't have to buy special gas cans for it, you just fill it up with normal butane gas cannisters. Might make some creme brulee soon just to try it out. I kinda tested it on chicken wings trying to crisp up the skin but it kinda just makes the skin black instead...It's so fun to play with xD
Yet to try this out but I want to use it as a reward for doing lots of study. Which hasn't happened yet unfortunately. Best scenario would be to by sipping this reading the Momofuku cookbook.
Got some other food related gifts that I haven't taken pics of. A box of recipes =] Some monkey tea!!! THANKS STRETCHY =D, a bottle of midori and some green tea scented perfume.

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