Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dining is an experience

I'm hoping to turn my food blog into something better, something more than just food.
I want to explore it deeper (damn that sounds like English class) but food isn't just food.
To be honest not many people think that deep and far about food, that's fair enough.
But for the food obsessed, there is so much to food.
I've heard people rant about how fine dining is so expensive but think about it, it's because those chefs have spent years perfecting techniques and understanding food. They deserve something for it. Also fine dining is an experience. It's about who you are enjoying it with, whether it's a celebration or just because you feel like being fancy.
But as a student, fine dining is a dream. As a matter of fact, I believe that some of the best food in the world isn't at fine dining restaurants, it's the stuff you're mum cooks, the stuff you find in unknown restaurants or the hawker stalls in Asia(cos some of the chefs there have been cooking the same dish for decades). 
But one thing can make food better than it really is.
And its the experience and company.
It really struck me yesterday.
Tossing between one of the many many restaurants in Box Hill or KFC with K仔.
Yeah I know you're probably thinking who the hell would choose KFC so here's my excuse. I hadn't had KFC original chicken in Aus for about a year (KFC in HK doesn't count) and I missed it.
So KFC it was. (K仔 I promise it's you're choice next time.)
There's nothing glamorous about KFC. Nor is there much point in reviewing it.
But it does bring back memories of when you were a kid and you begged your mother to go to KFC (or any other fast food chain)
Realised KFC chicken seems so small nowadays. (and also the fact that there was no drumstick in the 5 pieces they gave us, which didn't matter cos neither of us like it)
So why is it so small? Is it because they're being cheap or because they can't use hormones anymore or they just seemed big when we were kids because we were so small? Or all of the above?
But you don't care what the answer is because you're enjoying spending time with someone special, even KFC can taste awesomely salty.

Something completely off topic. Have you ever heard of a connection between Mountain Dew and sperm count? I hope Dad doesn't read this, if you do Dad...hi =] takoyaki?

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