Monday, September 20, 2010

Cooking: Takoyaki

Last week I got a dutch pancake/takoyaki machine for my birthday. I've made about 4 or 5 batches of takoyaki since and it's a lot harder than it may seem. I still haven't found a perfect recipe and timing is so crucial. I keep overcooking them so they end up as half spheres instead of little balls. Unfortunately my family doesn't feel like eating any more takoyaki. However since it's holidays, I can make takoyaki for lunch and just eat them all and no one will complain.
First batch of takoyaki I've ever made.
  (used smoked salmon instead of octopus)
Used the machine for it's dutch pancake purposes, but filled it up too much they kept rising and burnt.

Will post a recipe after I've perfected them. 
Need to find a sauce recipe. Anyone know of one?


  1. They look really good. I don't think they're burned. :) Smoked salmon sounds like a great idea. Btw, below is a recipe I saw by Cooking Gallery, I thought you might be interested in trying it out. Happy belated birthday.

  2. where is your okonomiyaki sauce and katsuobushi?!?! XD

  3. Ooh..this looks like heaps of fun!! And your first batch look really good too! Have fun making more!!

  4. @esther: the pancakes were burnt. smoked salmon was the only thing i could find. thanks for the recipe
    @grub: i was too excited about the takoyaki that sauce totally did not cross my mind. katsuobushi is the dried bonito flakes yeah? they're there, just hard to see.
    @von: thanks :)