Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cooking: Scallops

Back to father's day. Wanted to make scallops because my dad loves seafood. I guess it's probably because he rarely got to eat it as a kid since it was quite expensive. Unlike mum who ate more seafood since grandpa was a fishmonger. Asked bro to buy some scallops in shell after uni at Vic Market. He gave me a choice of two different types, a larger one without the roe and a smaller one with roe. The larger was almost double the price of the smaller. Since I wanted the roe we went with the cheaper smaller one and boy was it a bad choice. I didn't realise how small he meant until he came home. And after cooking them.....about the size of a 5cent coin.
Lets play spot the scallop =P
Anyways, just steamed them asian style with some ginger and spring onion. Then some hot oil on top once they finish cooking.
Also made some with hot bean paste. 
The scallops were small and flavourless unfortunately. 
Lesson learnt, you get what you pay for.
Oh and size does matter ;p

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