Friday, March 5, 2010

Cooking: Beef Wellingtons

I don't seem to see this dish on menu's very often nowadays. It's a good dish but extremely hard to master.
For those who don't know what beef wellingtons are, it's a beef steak wrapped in puff pastry.
Two main things are hard to master in this dish:
1. Cooking the steaks. As you have to cook the steaks before you put it into the pastry, it is hard to not overcook or undercook the steaks as they will continue cooking in the oven. (That probably doesn't make sense)
2. Prevent the bottom of the pastry from become soggy due to the juices released by the steak whilst baking.

Whoever invented this was a genius. (really good if your steaks are small cos the pastry makes if look bigger and fills you up)
And they taste awesome. Spread pate on the steaks before wrapping in pastry. The pate just adds this extra rich flavour to the steak and makes it even better. 
The sauce looks a bit weird because there's actually two sauces. A cream sauce and a gravy on top of it.

Was reading some food blogs and came across this Malaysian Layer Cake and now I want some. Anyone know where to get it?

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