Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seafood Pie - Cooking

Friday night means no rice night. My parent being very asian have to eat rice every night, except for friday and saturday nights :) I normally cook dinner on Friday nights with the help of mum to make sure I don't burn the kitchen down and so that dinner is served before 12am XD

 I decided to make seafood pie. Got the idea from watching The Naked Chef (Jamie Oliver was so good from the very start). And mum wanted to get the marinara mix from Safeway as it was like half price or something (how asian right?) I'm not a fan of the marinara mixes from supermarkets as they're frozen and you're buying a whole lot of ice with your seafood. And the seafood lacks flavour. But it was HALF PRICE.

The sauce didn't thicken like I hoped it would and the cream and cheese made it super rich and filling.
This whole pie for 3 people. Obviously we didn't finish it and some of it ended up as my breakfast the next morning, then the filling of the pie was used to make a sauce for pasta for lunch and I finished the rest of the pie for dinner again. So 4 consecutive meals of seafood pie. The taste just got better and better.

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