Friday, February 12, 2010

Cooking-Schnitzel, Caesar Salad, Potato and Corn mash

Friday nights means NO RICE night :) For dinner I made Veal Schnitzel with Caesar Salad and Potato Corn Mash.
Took 2 hours....but there was so much to do.
Veal Schnitzel: Needed to crumb and fry. Such a pain in the ass. (only can fry 2 at a time)
Caesar Salad: Wash lettuce, make dressing, grill bacon, make croutons, poach eggs.
Potato Corn Mash: Peel + chop potatoes, boil them, cook off onions and corn, mash potatoes, mix in onion and corn.
Made to serve 6 people, as my two younger cousins come over for dinner every Friday night. (poaching 6 eggs in a row it a absolute pain cos you have to do them one by one =.=") is there a way to poach more than one egg in one pot?
Dinner : )
It actually wasn't that good. Need to improve on a lot of things.
My little cousin was shocked to find out that mayo is made of raw egg yolk and oil. Well proper mayo anyways.

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