Friday, February 12, 2010

Cooking-Chips/Wedges + instant noodles

Yesterday I came home from school and decided to make potato chips. But since I didn't have 40 mins to bake them, I decided to microwave the cut up potatoes to speed things up. However thanks to the storm, the power went out whilst I was microwaving =.=" So I made an instant noodles instead, my favourite flavour. Tonkotsu :) Or pork bone soup flavour.
So after like 30 mins, the power came back on and I decided to finish making my chips/wedges. Finished microwaving them, then seasoned them with herbs and random spices, then chucked them into the mini oven (which is really really good for just baking small batches of things). Unfortunately managed to burn myself on the oven whilst flipping the chips (did I mention I'm extremely clumsy in general?) Whipped up some chilli mayo to dip them into and had my 2nd afternoon tea XD
Verdict? Alright, not crunchy enough unfortunately. Also I should have peeled the potato, the skin was chewy and gave a weird texture.
Yeah, instant noodles and chips for afternoon tea : ) 
(so gonna get fat now =.=")

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