Saturday, February 27, 2010

Twiggy Sticks

These are the best studying snacks. Soooooo yummy (and FATTY and SALTY). Pretty much is salami in a stick...and last week they were HALF PRICE at Coles and being the asian I am I got a whole KILO :) I think that's about 30-40 long twiggy sticks. Btw, if you hold them for a while the fat inside starts to kind of melt and its like fatty heaven. A whole new flavour.
The things I do to avoid studying =.=" 


  1. oooohhh so that's what they're called.
    haha, my mum bought some today and told me to try one. I was a bit hesitant since i've never tried them before and they reminded me of the schmackos i give to my dog. lmao, but yeah, they tasted pretty good.

  2. wow just bought 1kg bag at coles too, was too good of a deal ._.

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