Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eating Out: Wong's Lucky Bar 旺旺幸运吧- Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill

Situated in the MIDDLE of the ROAD (in between the traffic light which connects box hill central and 7-eleven, where the tram stop is) is this little Malaysian/Chinese Restaurant. They've been putting a lot of ads in the Chinese newspapers about their $6.90 Hainanese Chicken Rice and "Authentic" Laksa.

Walked in to see WILL PAN on the mounted tv =D Sat down and ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice, Seafood Laksa and Nasi Goreng. Watched Jay's 2007 World Tour Concert whilst waiting. The dishes arrived very quickly and looked quite presentable....but looks aren't everything. Sorry no pics, totally forgot to take pics until everything was half eaten but I'm pretty sure everyone knows what Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa and Nasi Goreng looks like.

Hainanese Chicken Rice-I can't say it was exceptional. I would probably give it an alright. The rice was very fragrant, the 6 or so decent sized pieces of boneless chicken could have been "smoother" and I swear the chilli sauce was dyed red.....Overall this dish was like SALT on SALT on more SALT and that was without the soup....

Laksa- Made from quite bland seafood mix and seafood highlighter I have to say I was quite disappointed. I felt the soup base didn't have enough spices and not rich enough. It was a creamier colour than usual. If I were to come here again I wouldn't order the laksa again. But then again what would a honkie girl who hasn't been to Malaysia know about a laksa?

Nasi Goreng- What can you say about fried rice? It was pretty average. I'm not sure what is supposed to be in Nasi Goreng but it can't be brown special fried rice right?

Verdict? To be honest I wouldn't come back again considering all the other choices in Box Hill. Sorry, maybe for their Hainanese Chicken if they decide to go easy on the salt.


  1. I shall check it out when I'm back from a day's long work at Monash :)

  2. I did zero study, went to Wong's on the day before my exam for luck, and GUESS WHAT!
    I passed!!!! Even got credits for half of my subjects!
    You should have some chicken rice before taking your VCE exam too!

  3. Hmm...if it's a traditional Indonesian fried rice(Nasi Goreng), it would be brown because of the sweet soy sauce...nice foodie blog here....thanks for the Yuki review...:)