Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today I watched a doco on tv called "Why skinny people don't get fat" or something along the lines of that. Why it interests me? Cos I think I MAY be one of those people and my brother certainly is.
Evidence to why I think I could be one of them? Cos I when I got back from HK I was the same weight as I was before I left (same for my bro) which sounds crazy thinking of all the things we ate.
So pretty much a few things brought up by that show:
  • People have a set body weight which they hover around. That would explain why I didn't gain weight after HK.
  • Some people don't have the urge to eat snacks if they're full. They showed a test they did on kinder kids and it was quite surprising, some kids just weren't even tempted by chocolate biscuits and all that. HOWEVER for my brother and I, we fail to just walk by and ignore snacks. But this could be a major reason to why obesity is such a problem, because some people just can't resist and therefore overeat.
  • Some people's metabolism increases when there is excess energy. Possibly true for my brother and I.
  • The mind unconsciously makes you fidget, or move to burn of extra energy. This one could be possible but can you burn off that much energy?
I've always wondered why my brother can be like a human garbage bin and not gain weight. He's almost 6 foot tall and weighs under 60kg. And no he barely exercises but he can eat amazing amounts of food (i swear he could put a buffet out of business secretly). Loves the most unhealthy foods as do I. (whipped cream out of the can, bacon fat, any sort of animal fat, butter, cream, just everything unhealthy.)

But my theory, it all starts when you're a kid. You have to learn to stop eating if you're full (because you feel full for a reason, your body has enough food), to encourage healthy eating and make sure you stay active.

Which brings me to think back, during my last week in HK, I did feel full a lot of the time, even if I hadn't eaten much. Just looking at the amount of food could make me feel full (but nonetheless I kept eating cos it was just soooo yummy) but is that a way that your body tells you it's had enough, to limit what you eat? So what are your views on this?

Sorry if I don't blog very often anymore. I have limited time because of year 12. Hopefully I can blog on the weekend, still have a lot of unfinished posts to post.

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