Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eating Out: 大长今dae jang geum-Chinatown

This blog post is about a week late. Last week I went shopping for an 18th pressie for Mat with Ngoc and Abel. After buying his present we went out for lunch. (Sounds a bit like Ngoc's blog post bout this day..btw check out her blog cos it's funny as and she's one of the most amazing artists --> Ngoc's Blog)
Anyways back to lunch. Ngoc felt like Korean so we ended up walking past this place where they had two ladies dressed in traditional korean outfits holding menus out the front, I felt so sorry for them as it was 35 degrees outside. We walked inside to find a massive flight of stairs (we were so tired from pressie shopping) but awesome aircon. Sat down and they gave us a massive bottle of chilled water : ) and they're teacups were abnormally large....they took forever to fill up.
(photo courtesy of Ngoc)
I ordered the beef bulgogi set which is the plate in the top right corner, all the dishes in the middle and a bowl of rice. The beef was quite sweet but I think it's supposed to be like that. Definietly needs to be eaten with rice. The kimchi was quite sour but not extremely chilli which was good. All the rest of the accompaniments were pretty average. Though the chilli cucumber was refreshing on such a hot day. Ngoc and Abel both chose noodles (hence the two bowls in the pic) Both were boiling hot for ages. Bad choice for them on such a hot day (thank god that place had awesome aircon). Ngoc had a Chicken Noodles I think, looked very yummy. And Abel had Seafood Noodles which came with this massive prawn he didn't know how to eat without using his hands. Abel seems to love the noodles (think they were handmade) and ate them in world record time despite the soup being boiling hot.

Verdict? Definitely would go there again to try their noodles. The place was super spacious, very hard to find spacious restaurants in Chinatown. Lunch was under $10 for each of us which I guess is pretty good for us students with little money. And it probably one of the
cleaner places in Chinatown, very clean indeed.

Melbourne Dae Jang Geum Korean BBQ on Urbanspoon

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