Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shopping in HK

I never really posted about shopping in HK. HK is famous for two things, eating and shopping. I think I've covered the eating part pretty well so it's time to cover the shopping part.
I didn't buy as many clothes as I planned to but it's better than nothing I guess.
I got this fobby hoodie in Taiwan. Although it wasn't exactly cheap, I quite liked it except for the incomprehensible writing on the front. I needed something to remind me of Taiwan.

Sham Shui Po is also a great shopping destination. It is an older part of HK but very busy with locals and tourists. The popular Ap Liu Street is the place to find electronics like torches, batteries, iPhone cases, phone cases, earphones...all those sorts of things. Most likely the cheapest place for these sorts of things but remember to BARGAIN.  Another destination for tech savvy people is Golden Computer Centre which is nearby. This place sells lots of computer parts, keyboards, mice, all computer related things, consoles, console acessories, console games.....the list is endless. If you have something you want to buy, MAKE SURE you ask a few different shops for their prices as the price difference can be quite large. I bought wii motion plus (less than AUS$20 each) and a nunchuck there.
I know girls aren't really interested in these sorts of things but don't worry. Walk around the nearby streets and you'll find TONNES of wholesale fashion shops with tonnes of designs to suit anyone. Endless shops at INSANE prices. This is where my aunty got this jacket for me, I love it because it's super warm.

Another good place to shop is at Dragon Centre. It's a nine storey shopping centre with TONNES of shops and restaurants. The "Apple Mall" is pretty good, lots of teenage stuff at reasonably cheap prices. This is where I got my AWESOME LEEHOM phone accessory (but my phone has no hole thingo to dangle things off, stupid samsung =.=")

But my favourite place to shop is MONGKOK. Also where you can find the most tourists. The famous Ladies Market :) There I picked up my new favourite toy which is doing my head in. My new rubiks cube :)

Yes it's a mahjong cube. I can't seem to solve it properly.

And a HK top for about $3 aussie :) It's a yum cha tshirt.

But the BEST place to shop is Argyle Centre (still in Mongkok). This is the place to shop if you're into asian fashion. Super cheap stuff.

Weird tshirt I got. Theres a freaky clown on the back, even freaks me out.

Funky Hello Kitty. It actually looks kinda like a robot. Two shirts for HK$70 (AUD$10).

Also bought a jumper and a jacket. Both for $10 aussie each. Wish I could have bought more but there just wasn't enough time. Next time I go back I'll be there from when they open till when they close :)
That's bought it for now. I'll post about the shoes I got at a later date.

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