Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Day-Snake Soup,Sham Shui Po

Ticked off another few things off the list yesterday.
First of all SNAKE SOUP. Sounds pretty crazy right? Tastes pretty good.

I got the snake soup and sticky rice set $45. Sounds pretty expensive but it really does fill you up and it's snake....pretty expensive stuff. The sticky rice wasn't particularly excellent, tasted like how sticky rice is supposed to. The snake soup was a little thin to my liking but contained tonnes of snake meat. Snake meat is like tougher chicken meat crossed with pork. You add crunchy fried pieces of wonton wrapper and shredded lime leaves to the soup, which gives the soup more textures and flavours.

After a bit of walking I started to get thirsty and saw trusty Maccas. Tried this new drink, no idea what it is in english. It was frozen fanta with ice cream on the top but the ice cream was special, it had an outline of flavouring.

Tasted sweet and cold...I don't think many people buy these in winter... And it's at about the price of a small-medium coke at Melb maccas.

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