Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cooking: Orange and Coconut Tart

I made this tart exactly a week ago and half of it is still in the fridge...I think that might be saying something.
So my cousin came down from Brissie last Saturday and came over for dinner. I decided to make dessert and chose a recipe from my wall. Lemon, Lime and Coconut Tart. I realised that we didn't have any lemons or limes so chose oranges instead.
It was a pain in the ass to make, I don't like working with shortcrust pastry as you have to blind bake it and all that. Therefore I most probably will not make this tart again.
Looks can be deceivin. The pastry was all crumbly and the middle of the tart was not set and therefore the entire middle part fell apart when I tipped the tart out...and it was a complete mess.
The tart was shockingly sweet, the filling and the pastry. However I quite like the addiction of dessicated coconut in the pastry.

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