Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cooking-Salad + New Utensils

Something extremely random but I'm just curious to know whether anyone else is like me. When you buy a roasted chicken from Safeway/Coles or similar sort of place, do you rip bits off to eat the second you get home? It's irresistable, the smell is just mouth watering.

So a couple of days ago we bought a roast chicken and had some left over which I decided to use to make a asian style chicken salad as it was sooooo hot that day.
Ingredients: Carrot, Celery, Beans, Spanish Onion, Lettuce, Chicken.
Utensil Number 1: Bought in HK :) Juilenne Peeler? No clue what it's called but it looks like a vegetable peeler but it also cuts it into strips as well. Very good tool, makes life a lot lot easier. So you pretty much just use it like a vegetable peeler and the carrot (or whatever you are peeling) will became thin strings of carrot. Saved me sooo much time. I don't really see any bad points...cept for it doesn't peel vegetables...but it's not supposed to I guess.

Utensil Number 2: The sharpest knife I've ever used. Also bought in HK. CERAMIC KNIFE. Been around for ages but we never got one until this year. I swear this knife is amazing, it cut the onion so it was see through thin. Cuts through meat as though as it is soft cheese. However there is a downside, as it is extremely sharp, it is OUTRAGEOUSLY dangerous, you can slice your finger open just by cleaning it. Also it cannot cut through bone and is easily broken/shattered.

Doesn't look very nice yeah? Tasted alright. The dressing was too thick though, unfortunately we ran out of hoisin sauce, peanut butter, chilli sauce..everything I was looking for so I had to mix whatever I could find into a dressing. Used, last tiny bit of hoisin sauce, some sesame paste I found, sesame oil, sweet chilli sauce, chilli flakes and quite a bit of bottled lime juice to thin it out and to balance out all the sweetness.

Verdict? Refreshing in the hot weather and felt good to finally eat a tonne of vegies after a month of eating out every day in HK. Could be better next time if I can find the right sauces.

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