Monday, January 11, 2010

Last Day

Went to China on the 3rd and 4th of Jan. Another food trip but I'm not going to blog about it. The food wasn't too great, different but not tell you the truth I didn't take any pics XD And about the first China food trip, that blog post is still coming along due to Microsoft Word issues. I promise I'll finish it by the end of the week.

So back to my last day in HK. The day was mainly spent packing our endless luggage.
My aunty ate lunch with us, our last lunch in HK was of course CONGEE :) which was also our first lunch in HK. I ate a congee with fish slices, beef, corn and choy sum. Yes that is all in the congee not separate. No pic sorry but it was really different having corn and choy sum in congee but at the same time very nice and sweet. I might actually add corn to my congee in the future.
We then WALKED to Sha Tin Plaza and had to look for a laptop for my cousin but unfortunately they were sold out throughout all the big reliable retailers in HK. Since congee doesn't keep you full for long we had afternoon tea at Pokka Cafe.

Mum's Hokkaido Coffee (cold). Came with Hokkaido milk which is supposed to be really nice. But what I found interesting was they even have coffee ice cubes so your coffee doesn't get watered down.

"Romantic Dessert" obviously we didn't choose this for its name but for the amount of variety. We managed to share this between 5 people. Favourite was the chocolate mouse cake and the green tea ice cream, but really they were all divine.

My lychee drink with sorbet. The bottom was sweet lychee syrup followed by lemonade and a ball of rock hard sorbet floating around. INCREDIBLY expensive at $6 AUSSIE but it was relaxing to have afternoon tea with family.


Dad's fresh fruit sundae. Looked amazing, dad ate it without saying a word so I take it was nice.

Doug's ice cream thingo with coffee liqueur. Doug found this really weird as he ate it by layer, not mixing the layers together. Overwhelming his taste buds. Looked awesome though.

Dinner at Cafe De Coral for the last time. Great place to spend my last dinner in HK, at the HK trademark Cafe De Coral. I chose the HOT POT for like $6 aussie :)

The top tray is sliced pork and beef, the tray under is all the vegies, and noodles. I felt like such a pig since I ate it all but it was soooo fuunn. You're own little pot of boiling soup base (pork bone) and just cook away. Soooo yum and fun.
If you have never had Hot Pot before you have to try it at least once and with a massive group of friends or family. Good times :)

So that rounds off the HK trip unfortunately. I hope you enjoyed reading about HK food. But don't worry, I'll still be blogging about my cooking and eating. Stay tuned :)

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