Monday, January 11, 2010

Lantau Island and Food Court

Blogging about what happened over a week ago.
That morning we had to wake up super early to take the bus to Lantau Island and meet up with my buddhist nun aunty to visit this place they're redoing. Lantau Island is actually really beautiful, lots of people go hiking there. It feels like a forest, surrounded with mountain ranges in the background. So after spending the morning there we had a vegetarian hotpot with way too much food. Although it was very yummy, however no pics, very hard to take a pic of ALL the food. However we did eat lettuce that was grown next door and it was soo sweet and fresh. After lunch we went down to Tai O which is like the town at the bottom of Lantau Island? Not too sure. But the bus ride down felt like a rollercoaster, so twisty and HK bus drivers are crazy, they go way to fast for buses. After walking around looking at stilt houses we encountered shops that sold this tofu dessert 豆腐花 which is on the things to eat list. I never really liked this dessert growin up and I still don't. It's slices of really silken tofu in some liquid and you either sprinkly over this orange sugar or pour in some special syrup. Normally eaten hot.

My bowl of the tofu dessert with sugar sprinkled on the top. It was really smooth and slippery. You have to eat it with lots of sugar because the tofu is really plain, it's just about the texture.
We then left Tai O for Tung Chung to go SHOPPING. There's this shopping centre in Tung Chung that is just all outlets, like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Esprit. I only managed to get a roxy bag for just under $30 aussie.
So as we shopped till pretty late we decided to eat at the food court as it would take an hour to get back out into the city part of HK.
Pretty big food court, plenty of choices but there is a catch. They pretty much only sell asian food. There's a little shop for each country in Asia. Chinese, Shanghainese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai, Viet, Malay/Singaporean, Macau and possibly a few others that I've forgotten. And yes each country had a separate shop.
I had no clue what to eat as the choice was overwhelming. In the end I settled for Singaporean Laksa...which happened to be white round noodles not the malay style with two types of noodles (which is what I wanted). Mum added a satay chicken for like $10 or something.

  The satay chicken was pretty average, the chicken wasn't dry and was nicely cooked. The laksa on the other hand was pretty disappointing. The soup was not rich enough and there weren't enough ingredients. I have to go to Malaysia one day and try actual laksa. Oh well, it's hard to find all this for under $7 aussie in Melb though I did see seafood laksa for $7 today at union house at Melb Uni. Very tempted but at 43degrees it was just too hot for it.
To polish off dinner Dad and I went to the dessert shop to pick some desserts. Dad chose Ice winter??!! I chose the long awaited MANGO PANCAKE!!

Super sweet random Ice Kachang, I learned my lesson, don't eat Malaysian in HK.

Mango Pancake. I didn't take a pic of the inside as I was too busy eating it XD I've waited many many years to eat this again. Wondering what it is? Its mango pieces with about an inch of whipped cream on top all wrapped in a super thin crepe like pancake which is chewy. DELICIOUSSSS. MUST EAT in HK although it can be pretty expensive. Around HK$20 at Honeymoon Dessert. This dessert shop had it for HK$15

A great end to an amazing day away from the busy city streets of HK.

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