Friday, March 19, 2010

Cooking- Hainanese Chicken Rice

I have two obsessions right now. Photography and Malaysian Food.
Okay, Hainanese chicken rice is supposed to be from Hainan, China but like we all link it to Malaysia and Singapore.
Only took just over 1 hour to make. *Shock horror* yeah, supposed to take hours so the chicken is super smooth and delicious. But who has the time when it's 5:30pm.
Used the recipe from Steamy Kitchen as a guideline.
Making the really awesome chilli sauce, not enough chillies in my opinion.
I think it's the clearest soup I've seen ever. Nice clean taste. But no where near as good as the stuff you get at restaurants. One day
All finished =)
Good dinner

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  1. I love the occasional Hainanese chicken, now and then.