Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cooking Brekky: Fried Rice

Morning started once again with laptop in bed. Looking through recipes and decided I wanted to have crepes for brekky. Found a recipe and went to make it. Cracked an egg whisked it, went to get milk to add in, AND THERE WAS NO MILK. Can't make crepes without milk so plan B. Saw rice in the fridge so made fried rice instead. Poured out half the egg to make scrambled eggs for the fried rice and mixed my rice into the other half. Probably going wtf, but if u mix in beaten egg into your rice before you cook it, your fried rice will be nice and golden and very eggy.
Egg, corn and capsicum, fish sauce, eggy rice.
Spring onion sauce from last night's dinner.
Yummy brekky.


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