Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Had this awesome idea of making roti today as it was on Rasa Malaysia recently. The roti was destined to fail from the start. Used rough measure measurement, had no ghee, the dough wouldn't come together so I added like 4 times the amount of liquid it told me to, couldn't be bothered cracking 1/8 of an egg. It was just horrible. Rested it for 6 hours. Went to stretch it out. It was not elastic like it was supposed to be. I had this soft pasta dough looking ball. Persisted because I couldn't just chuck it out. Put it into the fry pan and ended up with something a lot like pita bread that wasn't cooked in the middle. Furthest thing from roti ever.

So I think I won't make roti again for a very long time. Until someone actually teaches me. Sorry K仔. Can you teach me?

But things like this happen in the kitchen. Not everything works out. Better luck next time.....

Sorry no pic, it was just so fail.

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  1. Do keep trying. After all, all your other cooks were successes. :)