Monday, April 26, 2010

Update: Wealth Garden, Doncaster Rd, East Doncaster

I think I've been back to this place about 2 or 3 times since I first reviewed it. Each time I was even more disappointed than the last.
Went there for dinner today. And to sum it up, I was as far as you can get from impressed.
Problem 1: We booked for 6:30pm. We arrived at the carpark to find NO MORE SPOTS left, to top that off, one of the workers there told us to park on the garden bed, which involved climbing the a sedan.....

Problem 2: The bowls and cups were oily, for what reason we did not know and did not want to know. Therefore we had to be super asian and wash them in hot water ourselves.

Problem 3: This one is a good and bad one. Good? Everything was served extremely quickly. Bad? Some things were warm on the colder side. With only one dish that was really actually steaming hot...and it was a claypot so that's guaranteed to be hot...

Problem 4: Everything was painfully salty. Most dishes were just a bit oversalted but when you continue eating throughout dinner it starts to mound up...kind of like how if you continue to eat chilli it gets more and more spicy till it's unbearable. Learned never to eat "salt baked chicken dipped in msg spring onion sauce" followed by "preserved duck" as it feels like you're eating spoonfuls of salt.

Problem 5: Not enough waiters to refill teapots. With everyone sculling tea due to the saltiness, the teapot is drained in no time. And unfortunately it is not refilled for ages and even when the waiter comes round to fill it up, his kettle only holds enough water to fill 2 teapots...we had 3 teapots and 12 people in desperate need of some sort of liquid.

Not the best dinner I've had but I don't understand how they can have so many customers if their standard is like this...

Haven't been hearing many good things about the Chinese Restaurants in the area, what has happened?

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