Friday, April 30, 2010

Eating Out: HAPPY MEAL!!!!

I HAVE FOUND A FLAW IN THE MACCAS MENU!!!! Okay, I don't think I'm supposed to be excited over this but being a very asian person, any saving of money counts. Been craving McNuggets for a while now and today I finally got to eat it. However whilst looking at the menu board, it said a small 6 pack nugget meal would cost $6.75, however when I went to look at how much a 6 pack nugget happy meal was it was only $6.45, essentially you get the same thing except you get a toy with a happy meal and its still does that work?
So I decided to get a Happy Meal!!!! Brings back good memories =) Must have looked a bit weird, wearing my Year 12 jumper whilst eating my Happy Meal at the Shoppo food court.

Did I mention that you get the option to change your soft drink for either small shake, juice, fizzy juice and all these other things? Love Strawberry Shake. WAY BETTER THAN JUST A NORMAL MEAL. Hopefully Maccas doesn't realise their price difference anytime soon.


  1. That looks so good right now. The fries and the Fanta in England tastes different for some reason... I really miss those 24-hour McDonald's in Hong Kong that I went to EVERY NIGHT. Yum...

  2. its like a small cheesburger meal and a cheeseburger happy meal!! they're the same price but u get a cool box and toy with a happy meal! :D

  3. @michael: how can fanta taste different? doesn't it taste the same worldwide?

    @diana: but the 6 pack nugget meal is more expensive than a 6 pack nugget happy meal...check it out next time ur at work...or suggest that wen someone buys a 6pack nugget meal, ask if they want a happy meal instead cos its cheaper and u get a toy XD